Sparkling Mike Tin Toy Windup Robot

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Sparkling Mike Robot. Just like the original 7" windup made in the 1950's in Japan. This version by Schylling Co. walks as sparks shoot through his chest. On/off switch on his back pack control the action. Great classic boxy design from which many other robots were born! The walking mechanism on Sparkling Mike is very unique and referred to as the "pizza cutter mechanism", whereby each foot has a wheel attached to a shaft that moves inside the foot enabling Mike to walk. An ingenious design which causes Mike to skate rather than walk at times! All our tin toys are produced with the same style equipment as in the 1950's just like the originals. Please note that each are pressed by machine and then hand assembled. Some minor imperfections scuffs-marks may occur during this process which is what adds to their charm making each Robot unique.