Green Lilliput Robot Tin Toy Windup

$ 15.00

Lilliput wind-up Robot Green. Originally designed in the 1940's, Lilliput Robot is one of the first tin toy robots produced. This is an exact reproduction done in fantasy green color. The shade of green may vay from our the stock photo. Robot walks forward via windup motor and pin action in its feet. A real robot classic standing 6.25 inches tall.  Please note: We are the only store that imports all of our merchandise direct from the factories. All merchandise is guaranteed brand new, and tested before shipping. Our tin toys are all produced in the same style factories as they were in the 1950's and 60's. All hand assembled. Some minor scuffs often occur during this hand assembling process even though brand new. Tin Toys are for adults and not meant to be played with by children.