Universal Monsters Dracula Robot Tin Toy Windup Metal House Japan

$ 175.00

Dracula Robot.  Rare robot imported from Japan. Exceptionally well detailed in every way. Great wind-up mechanical action and Dracula comes complete with cape, metal key, and inner pouch for his coffin. Produced in 1991 at the Metal House Factory of Japan and distributed in 1992 by Mike Company.  Dracula stands 10" tall just like the earlier Universal Monster Robots in the series and made at the same factory. Dracula was the beginning of the continuation of the series, but then the original factory stopped making tin toys which makes Dracula the final character in the Universal Monster Series.  My stock is always direct from Japan new condition.  Graphic cardboard design shaped like a coffin is new as well but can sometimes have minor shelf wear even direct from sealed cases as I receive them.