Chief Robotman Robot Tin Toy Battery Operated Silver - Autumn Sale!

$ 65.00

Chief Robotman Silver. Chief Robotman stands 12" tall and functions much like the original Robot produced in the early 1960's with bump n’ go action, stop n’ go action,  head movement with spinning antennas, and lighted dome.  Definitely one of the most stylized robots ever produced, encompassing all the classic characteristics that a robot should have with its friendly yet blank stare. Stands 12" tall just like the original.

Each Robot has a personality of its own with different style of antenna movement on his head.  Each Robot has different types of mechanical sounds due to hand assembly. True action tends to be a more frenetic and lively. Movement is different than the original.  All Tin Tin Toys are produced in same authentic manner as in the 1960's with heavy stamping machines and then assembled by hand. Minor rubs, flaws, age-wear can occur and are normal with tin toys.  Please note this Robot has a complicated mechanism. I personally test each one before shipping and all are in working condition when shipped.