Chief Robotman Robot Tin Toy Battery Operated Silver - New Stock Arriving Soon!

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Chief Robotman Silver. Chief Robotman stands 12" tall and functions much like the original Robot produced in the early 1960's with bump n’ go action, stop n’ go action, turning head with spinning antennas and lighted dome, also emits his original ratchet sound! Available in both original Silver color and new striking Blue color!

Definitely one of the most stylized robots ever produced, encompassing all the classic characteristics that a robot should have with its friendly yet blank stare. Stands 12" tall just like the original.

Produced in Japan originally by Yoshiya in the 1960's. The most amazing functions of any robot developed at that time, Chief Robotman (Silver) and Radical Robot (Blue) just come to life when you pop batteries in them. Manufactured by the HaHa Toy Factory - the leading manufacturer of Vintage Style Toy Robots! Complete with original 1960's box graphics. True action tends to be a more jerky type motion where he moves and changes direction on his own in more circular type pattern, or if you place your hand in front of him he will back up. 

All Robots are tested and guaranteed working when shipped. If you receive a non working Robot please contact us within 24 hours of receipt and we will replace.