JUST ARRIVED! Robby the Robot with Blaster Osaka Tin Toy Japan Japan - SALE!

$ 525.00

Robby the Robot with Blaster by Osaka Tin Toy Japan.  Incredible battery operated 13 inch tall Robby the robot highly detailed with multi-functions. Robby walks with spinning antennas, bouncing lighted pistons, light in mouth and chest, and lighted laser gun that moves back and forth. Only 1,000 ever produced in Gun Metal Grey color produced in 1998

Robby has mechanical walking action, light in his dome and voice tube, and also a special light on his chest. Piston valves bounce up and down and scanner rings spin on each side of his head. When Robby stops, his blaster light blinks with firing sound. Robby is complete with a truly artistically designed box created by Steven Lewis Ryan. 

This Robot is from the original Japan factory owner's personal stock and never offered for sale til now.  All robots are tested and inspected before shipping from Robot Island. Satisfaction guaranteed!