Battery Operated Lantern Robot Tin Toy Battery Smoking Powder Robot

$ 65.00

Battery Operated Lantern Robot is an exact reproduction in style and function to the original 1950's 8" tall battery operated Lantern Robot originally produced by Masudaya of Japan.

Lantern Robot functions include mechanical walking action with swaying arms, lighted eyes, and his unique ability to blow powder from his mouth. Only robot of it's kind with these functions. Lantern Robot comes complete with the powder you need to make him smoke, but you can also use household talcum powder to replenish him.

Original 1950's Lantern Robots sell for as much as $7,500 mint in box. This is your chance to own an exact replica at an affordable price. Manufactured by the HaHa Toy Factory - the leading manufacturer of Vintage Style Robots!  Robot Island is the only retailer that imports all of its Tin Toys direct from the factory so you are guaranteed a brand new Robot.  All of our Robots are produced in the same manner as they were in the 1950's and 60's by primitive stamping machines and then each hand assembled.  Each Robot has its own unique character. It is normal for some minor rubs or marks to occur during this original method of hand assembly.