Mechanized Robot Apollo Roboteer Robot Metal House Japan

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Mechanized Apollo Roboteer Robot. From the future comes Mechanized Apollo Roboteer defender of the planet! Piloted by its cockpit driver, the robot destroys all enemies with deadly force. Nefarious opponents are powerless against the robot and its infamous Rotate-O-Matic action, spinning and at the same time emitting crippling sonic blasts from 3 flashing destructo-lights all the while melting its foes with eyes that shoot laser beams! Solid tin construction covered with a beautiful metallic blue finish make this one imposing behemoth (12" tall) to behold!

Robot Island and Metal House - the makers of quality robots - offer this true limited edition Mechanized Apollo Roboteer. Be one of the lucky few (only 99 pieces produced worldwide) to own this classic from the future! In addition to its supreme firepower, the battery operated robot features lighted cockpit with pilot action, Beaming Eyes, and a formidable forward walk. All of this comes presented to you in a box with award-winning artwork depicting the battle of the Apollo Roboteer against the despicable Brainatoids.