Robby the Robot Dome Replacement Only

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Robby the Robot "Dome". Original "Dome" direct from Osaka Tin Toy Japan Factory.  Can be used for replacing dome on "Mechanized Robot", "Rosko Astronaut", and "Robby with Blaster".  This dome is clean and clear as in the photo. No yellowing which occurs with older original domes from the 1950's. Domes used for replacing domes on the 12" tall tin toy Mechanized Robot, Robby with Blaster, and Rosko Astronaut. Not for the 16" or 24" talking models.

I purchased these domes direct from the factory owned by the Miyazawas, who designed and produced most of the well known Tin Toy Robots of the 1950's and 60's, including Horikawa, Yonezawa, Nomura, and Yoshiya.  When the factory reopened in the 1990's they went under the names "Metal House" and "Osaka Tin Toy".  I was able to purchase these original domes when the factory officially closed last year.  You can view in the photo how the dome fits the Mechanized Robby the Robot.